Petroleum Coke and Limestone Terminal

Project Description
Location: Port Lavaca, Texas
Description: The project consists of a steel pile bulkhead approximately 1,100 ft. long and a 700 ft. long concrete pile supported wharf structure.  The wharf structure consists of reinforced concrete members and crane rails that support a 2,000 ton per hour petroleum coke and limestone continuous ship/barge unloader.  The petroleum coke and limestone is conveyed to a nearby power plant to be used as fuel.  The dock is designed to safely berth and moor ship sizes in the 55,000 DWT range.Dredging and spoil area construction is included in the project.  Potable water lines, storm water lines, and electrical service is also provided to the dock area.  An MCC/Office building was constructed.

LEI provided design and consulting services on this project.