General Cargo Pier 18

General Cargo Pier 18



About Project

Location: Galveston, Texas
Description: Design and construction management of General Cargo Pier 18 expansion at the Port of Galveston.

LEI is the facilities Engineer for the Port of Galveston

LEI is currently providing reconstruction recommendations to the Port of Galveston on their Hurricane IKE rehabilitation program.  All mainland piers and bulkheads have been inspected and repair recommendations are being developed on an importance schedule basis.  Plans and specifications are provided for construction as funding becomes available.  Construction management and inspection are provided.  This is an effort that has been continuing since the storm passed.  We have completed insurance claims and are continuing with FEMA applications.

Piers 41 through 10 on the mainland are included in this work effort. We will also be preparing reconstruction plans and specifications for the Port’s Pelican Island facilities in the future.

Project Details
  • Categories:Inspection, Permitting, Rehab/Repair
  • Skills:Engineering